Open Track Day at Thunderhill: Photos & Recap

. Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We just got back from a long day at Thunderhill and oh, what a day it was! Once again we drove up to the track with barely any sleep the night before. This time we were joined by our long time friend Mike Wong (from Dimensional 1 Racing) who helped us wrench on our K20 Type R powered Honda Fit and ATS x J's Racing DC2 Type R until almost 5am.

Most of you are probably familiar with our DC2, however you might not know too much about our Honda Fit. The car began in 2006 after we imported it from Japan and became the first in the United States to perform a K20A swap (an accomplishment that would be featured in Super Street later that year). 3 years later after being campaigned as a show & drag car we decided to give the Fit a break and focus on our S2000 program. However, we recently decided that it was time to update the Fit for circuit duty as a car that we could drive for fun, and so we worked to install HKS Hipermax Dampers, large APP brakes in the front, and a new K20A Type R engine with LSD transmission.

The end result was totally worth it. We were able to make adjustments to the car, collect valuable data, all while having a blast. The Fit was piloted today by our Team Principal, Tom Tang, along with Mechanic Andrew Eng, Norman Tong, and our S2000 driver: Andrie Hartanto. The DC2 was piloted by our Chief Mechanic, Johnny Ngo, and Mike Wong. We also had a few guest passengers during some of the sessions (including the lovely Miss Courtney Diep from NOS Energy Drink).

All in all, it was great to spend some time away from the shop in a track environment that lacked the pressures of a race weekend. We're looking forward to hosting more track days with Limitless Motorsports in the near future, so stay tuned.

Special thanks to our customer and friend Will for lending us his seatbelt buckle. Sweet dreams buddy! Haha.

ALSO: The Stig drives for N1 Concepts. Say what!? Haha.