2011 Video Documentary Filming: Episode 1

. Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last night marked the first time that we met with our videographer Nick Cahill, owner of Cahill Films at the shop (N1 Concepts Inc. in Hayward, CA) to begin filming Episode 1 of our 2011 N1 Racing 5-Part Video Documentary.

From left to right: N1 Concepts Street-Spec DC2 K20 Type R, ATS Japan x J's Racing x N1 Concepts DC2 Type R Super Taikyu Race Car, N1 Racing Unlimited/Super Modified Class Time Attack S2000 aka "Maria"

The plan is to release a total of 5 episodes during the year that highlight our team, our build process for increasing Maria's level of competitiveness in the Unlimited/Super Modified Class, tuning, testing, and racing while overcoming the challenges that we face when campaigning our Honda S2000 with what is easily the smallest budget out of any other Unlimited/Super Modified Class team in Redline Time Attack, Super Lap Battle, and Global Time Attack.

From left to right: N1 Racing Mechanic Chris Le, N1 Racing Crew Chief Johnny Ngo, N1 Racing Driver Andrie Hartanto

We hope to show people that a properly set up S2000 can be just as fast when pitted against higher horsepower race cars (primarily AWD) and we're confident that our world-class driver, Andrie Hartanto, is up to the task. It also helps that we enter into the 2011 season with some of the best sponsor support that we could possibly ask for from Hankook Tire USA, Brian Crower, AFI Turbo, RAYS Engineering, and CT Engineering.

From left to right: N1 Racing Videographer Nick Cahill, N1 Racing Crew Chief Johnny Ngo

Mocking up our new AFI Turbo manifold and 3076GTX turbocharger from Garrett

The goal for last night was to test fit our new engine (an N1 Concepts built Brian Crower F2.47L) along with our new turbocharged setup that comprises of AFI Turbo manifolds and downpipe, TiAL 38mm wastegates, TiAL blow off valve, and a 3076GTX supplied by Garrett. Cooling is provided by a unique Air-to-Water system from CT Engineering.

Checking the fitment within the engine bay

The entire team working hard late into the night

Our target is to develop a reliable 450-550whp (nearly double that of what we won the 2010 Redline Time Attack Super Modified RWD Championship with).

Our new AFI Turbo intake manifold compared to our custom box that fed the Toda Individual Throttle Bodies from our naturally aspirated engine

Checking the clearance before installing our new throttle body

From left to right: N1 Racing Mechanic Andrew Eng, N1 Racing Crew Chief Johnny Ngo, N1 Racing Driver Andrie Hartanto, N1 Racing Mechanic Christopher Le

We ended the evening feeling rather accomplished and therefore decided to celebrate by knocking back a few beers and hanging out in our newly remodeled showroom (we love RHD JDM Type R's). What do you think?

From left to right: N1 Concepts JDM RHD Spoon Sports spec EK9 Civic Type R, N1 Concepts JDM RHD DC5 Integra Type R

Stay tuned for updates next week as we'll be building & installing our new CT Engineering reinforced LSD!